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No-Bake Fluffy Marshmallow Sheep

No-Bake Fluffy Marshmallow Sheep

still, a recipe wishes to be achievable by everybody. A no bake recipe can make certain that children stay engaged from begin to finish. Plus, parents are much less concerned approximately little hands entering into too much problem.

these days, My food and own family shared a delightful recipe that the complete own family can make collectively. As a part of the Kraft Heinz made over meal inspiration internet site, this no bake dessert recipe will have everybody accumulating inside the kitchen for some dessert amusing.

With just six ingredients and no baking required, these lovable little marshmallow sheep could be a terrific dessert for any occasion. Plus, don’t fear about this dessert becoming a Pinterest fail. it's so easy. Plus, even though it doesn’t precisely appear to be the photograph, it'll still flavor yummy.

No-Bake Fluffy Marshmallow Sheep

  • 8 mini candy eyes (1/8 inc)
  • 4 Jet-Puffed Jumbomallows Marshmallows
  • ½ cup Baker’s Angel Flake Coconut
  • 8 pretzel sticks, broken in half
  • 2 ox. Baker’s White Chocolate, melted
  •  4 black jelly beans

  1. Roll lengthy sides of marshmallows, 1 at a time, in melted chocolate, then coconut. region on plate. Refrigerate 15 min. or till chocolate is firm.
  2. cut jelly beans in 1/2, then cut 4 of the jelly bean portions in half of once more. (you'll have four big portions and 8 small portions.) upload jelly bean portions and sweet eyes to one end of every marshmallow to make the sheep’s faces and ears as shown in picture, securing jelly bean portions to marshmallow with remaining melted chocolate.
  3. Insert pretzel pieces into bottoms of marshmallows for the legs.

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